Year 5 – Computing

A place for year 5 to publish & evaluate their digital work…


  1. I think your Popplet is very good Ethan, but you can only tell which category the popples are joined to by colour.

  2. Ethan i think your popplet is very good. It clearly shows that you know how to be safe on the internet.

  3. Well done Ethan: I like the picture for the Chat room!
    Although you could group your popples a little bit better : not in a circling pattern.

  4. It looks good Ethan, although the popples are all over the place

  5. Excellent Popplet, Ethan. You took some great notes and demonstrated you understand the importance of digital safety.

  6. Well done Ethan! I like all of your photos. You also have some good information on there.

  7. Well done Ethan a really nice layout and great photos!

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