Year 5 – Computing

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  1. Great work Ajay, you covered all the areas very well. I particularly liked the section on Chat rooms – you clearly know how to use them responsibly. Can you find a picture for personal space? BLOB

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  2. Good work Ajayt, I like how your facts are quite short. I’m not sure whether you were supposed to do forum. The pictures are good ; I think you could have grouped the popples more neatly.

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  3. This looks brilliant Ajay, I loved the colour’s all around the place and the pictures were very good as well.

  4. I think yours is awesome Ajay, but same as Himanshu I don’t think you were meant to do forum.

  5. Well done Ajay. It looks like you are done and you have got really good information on there, and good punctuation.

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